I optimize, build, and hack web applications.

I have over 10 years of experience in web development. I built my first HTML website in the late 90's and started working with PHP in 2000. If you're experiencing web performance problems I can optimize your site. I'm both a front and back-end developer with a focus on JavaScript, NodeJS, and SaaS product development.

I'm available for remote and on-site (pay + per diem) consulting and freelance work. I generally do not work for equity. Contact me for current rates.

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I consult and talk about security, hacking, fraud, and identity theft.

I was a black hat hacker in my teens and early twenties. In college I sold fake IDs, later committing fraud and running various scams, including phishing, credit card fraud, and identity theft. I was caught in December 2004. I worked for the secret service for two years, providing training and consulting and helping them understand how hackers and fraudsters think.

I speak at law enforcement & business events and at conferences. I've been interviewed for TV, radio, print, websites, and college classes. I've been told my talks are informative, entertaining, and sometimes scary.

I do not charge any speaker fees. I will speak nearly anywhere in the world for nothing more than expenses. It's my hope that I can help make up for my wrong doings by helping others.

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I write.
Contact me.

External Recruiters: Please do not contact me.

My email address is dan at driver dan dot com. While I prefer email I can be reached by phone at +1.585.466.4747.

I used to have my address listed but since I work remotely and travel frequently I don't think it's necessary. Contact me if you need it.

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